Resize objects based on text size

Have you ever needed to resize a group of text frames so the point size of the text match an existing group? Paragraph styles will not help you here, you’ll have to manually scale it until it is just about right. But it will be hard to make the point size match the existing group exactly.

In the example below I have pasted a group of text frames from a smaller document and now I have to resize it to be the same as the existing group. How would you do it?


This script gives you a way to solve this problem with absolute precision. Start by selecting the text that has the target size, in this case it is some text in the larger group. Then run the script and you get the following dialog box.


At this point you choose “Capture” to store the target point size.

Next you choose the corresponding text in the text frame which is part of the group you want to resize and run the script again.


This time you click on ‘Go’. The second group will be resized at the correct percentage to make the sampled text the same size as the text in the first group.


Watch the video below for a complete run through.

The target text size is stored in the script so you can continue resizing other text boxes to match without having to resample. Otherwise there is the option to enter a value manually in the dialog box and straight away click “Go”, so you can specify the target point size without having to sample first.


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