Place multiple paged PDF into existing image frames

This AppleScript automates the process of placing a multiple paged PDF into some pre existing image frames. It can also be used to drop a folder of files into selected image frames. If there are more pages in the PDF (or images in the folder) than there are selected image frames, you have the option to let the script duplicate the current Indesign page until all the PDF pages or images have been placed.

Note the script tries to identify the grid and places images or pages from the top left box and continues row-by-row down to the bottom right. It can even cope with the image frames being a little bit staggered.

Anything that is not an image frame gets ignored as you can see with the two heading text frames that were also selected. Any selected grouped items will also be ignored.

Check out this video demonstration to see it in action.

Click on the image above to enlarge in a new tab.

If you choose to place a multi paged PDF into only the selected pages (not duplicate), the script will ask you to select a starting page of the PDF. Then if you try placing the same PDF again, perhaps into some image frames on the next page of the Indesign document, it will remember the page where it finished last time and can continue from the next page.

This is an AppleScript for use on the Apple Mac. It requires the Yosemite operating system or later.

Download for $9.99


  1. Will this script work on InDesign CS5 (v.7) on a Mac?

    • drscriptoMay 21, 2017 at 3:33 pm

      Hi Carlos,
      Yes, this script should work with all versions of Indesign and since it is an AppleScript, it will only work on the Mac. If you have any problems just let me know.

  2. Hi David,
    I’m interested in using this script as it looks like it will definitely solve my problem that I have of placing multiple pages from pdf file into already placed frames, and then duplicating the page layout until all of the pdf has been inserted. However I would need the script to work on a windows computer, would you be able to convert this script into JavaScript and provide as a download also?

    • Hi Sophie, I’m learning JavaScript as quick as I can but can’t give you any indication of when I’ll be able to convert this script. Not for a while yet.

  3. Hi David,
    This is fantastic, however when importing pdfs the fitting is set to ‘Fit Frame Proportionally’. Is there a possibility I could also purchase a version which is set to ‘Fit Content Proportionally?’

    My imports are being clipped when placed in the frames.

    Please let me know your cost if so and many thanks

    • Hi Lucas,
      thanks for the suggestion. I have implemented this in an update to the script. It now offers a choice of frame fitting options.

  4. Is there a windows version?

  5. Hi. Can this place pages from an .indd source instead of a PDF? Thanks!


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