Indesign – directly modify linked image filename

Select a placed image in Indesign and run this script to directly modify the filename of the link. Every placed instance of the image in the Indesign document will be automatically updated to the renamed file.

If the file is missing, its name gets copied to the clipboard.

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  1. This is great.

    Is it possible to modify the script to copy/paste selected text into the text field much like any normal text field? When I’m renaming files, it is a pain in the butt to have to type out the new name.

    • Thanks for getting in touch John. That’s a good suggestion – I’ve just updated the script to allow the pasting of new names. Before it would copy the name of the file to the clipboard but now it will only do that if the file is missing.

  2. As always, thank you for your efforts and in making our workflow—our LIVES!—a much better experience. Appreciate all your time and the free scripts.


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